The little-noticed android

The noticed android walks past a wondering chamber.
There is no feeling of fear, just a hovering sense of danger.
A series of blips and bleeps inside his dull, metal head…tell him to leave but he slips back to the entrance instead.
“What do you want from me, robot? I wonder, I wonder.”
Asks the room with a female voice, cracking louder than thunder.
“Well, I want to be hu-man.” Says the robot, in electronic whispers.
“I want veins instead of wires, I want half of a brain, I want lips that have blisters.
“I want to be just like my maker, Joe, who spends all his cash at bordellos.
“To live in a hell-hole home, get baked and shoot dope with trashy fellows.
“I want to get drunk and sniff lots of powder!” The robot’s damaged, tinny voice manages to get much louder.
“I can hit my wife all I want, dammit, and if I get lazy I’ll just shout at her!”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, little android.” said the room in a huff, disgusted.
“I must deny your intentions, not to mention that man Joe can’t be trusted!
“You’ll rust before I let another fucker like Joe wander the wild-earth!
“Plus, he sounds as much fun as a spleen-rupture during a floundered childbirth.”
“A-a-alright, but at least for a while will you let me be Mrs. Butterworth?” The android asked with a smirk, and stuttered with slight hesitation.
“I’ve been in love with her ever since Joe used syrup on my man-parts in place of lubrication.”
The chamber grumbled and howled with loud, untamed shouts and roars.
It shook the land, turned glass to sand, transformed half the town-people into boars.
It rained down flames, crumbled cities and broke a void right though the sky-floor, just before…the chamber calmed and mumbled in a low voice: “Sure, little android, walk right through the door.”

Pancakes were served, and neighbor chambers couldn’t avoid, to join the feast that used to be the little-noticed android.


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